четверг, 9 апреля 2009 г.

About time-limits

Some information about "How long my file will live". This information can be found in FAQ of Deposits here, but there are lots of lazy people who never read such documents, and you know,-  I'm one of them :) 

So, what's the time for the files to stay active and alive? If somebody download your file, it will stay alive for 30 days more. So, even if your file will be useful once in a month, it will stay at the service forever!

Becides, if you're a Gold user (it's a pleasant but not really neccessary feature - you can have Gold for your work, for example)  - or a member of a Bonus program - we all are, yes?  - in this case the time of  "life" for your files will be 67 days from the last download. Not bad, I think :) espetially if pay attention that you can use Depositfiles not only for earning money but also for saving neccessary information - music or films, images or programs, documents for your college or system folder of your computer :)  It can be really useful - to have an access to files from any office, college or friends' home.

Well, there is a variant when files can be deleted from your account - if there is illegal content in it and somebody send abuse for it. But hope you'll never deal with child porno or other things like that :( 

Remind me later and i'll tell you some words about the process of uploading files, there are some tricks there :)

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