среда, 1 апреля 2009 г.

Forgot to tell

I looked yestarday into my mail for deposits and saw this letter:

Technical works with upload-engine.

Dear Bonus Program participants!

24.03.2009 because of the replacement of the old server base there was
some difficulties with the upload files to Depositfiles. We apologize
and assure you that we will add soon the new and more convenient
upload-engine on DepositFiles, which will improve the process of
uploading the files to the servers.
Thank you very much for staying with us and hope for your understanding.
As always all our addings directed to make DepositFiles the best
service for our users!

Well, as for me - I was quite lucky so not to feel any unconveniences because of this replacement. And as for the new upload-engine - hope it will be really good thing :) Remind me in a couple of days, I'll tell you some tricks about uploading. Hope it will be interesting for you :) 

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