пятница, 2 апреля 2010 г.

Information for the newcomers - What's it all about

I can't understand now how to make a post "always on top" - so will simply write it with bigger date to make it first-you'll-see here :) Maybe here there will be the same information as at the beginning - hope you'll excuse for the repeat.

So, this is a blog about earning money. It's the main thing I'm trying to tell up here. 

There are different ways of doing it using Internet. I checked different ones and stopped at the easiest to start and to have your money in hands.  So, - earn with Depositfiles like I do and you'll live long and happy ever after and you'll understand how easy it is.

Why Depositfiles?

  • No money, special knowledgeor equipment is needed to start
  • Good bonus program by Halileo
  • Easy to start
  • Easy to receive money
  • No time limits
  • Your "salary" depends only on how much time you're ready to spend doing it
  • More possibilities for webmasters
  • Different tariffs depending on your style of work
  • Stable firm that will not dissapear with your money or use you for putting troyans in your files

How to start and what to do?

  • Read this blog and I'll tell you a lot of information I have found during long and stable work with Depositfiles :)

So - become a member of  the Halileo' Bonus Program for Depositfiles and start earning money online, here and now :)

понедельник, 1 марта 2010 г.


It seems to me that the number of materials up here is already enough to make a list of content so to make serfing in the blog more comfortable :) 

MMaybe I'll make it in logical order - from the first steps in earning up to the secrets of monsters in this sphere :) 

While writing something new I'll update this list. Stay with us :)

So, here is a list of information you can find in my blog:

  1. About this place. Why am I spending my time writing this blog
  2. Why Depositfiles? The reason to choose this way of earning money
  3. Main principle of work. What shall you do to have money
  4. First steps. Small instruction for a newcomers
  5. Referral link. "Follow the White Rabbit" :)
  6. Howto: some words and instructions of the process
  7. Info about bonus-programs and different tariffs
  8. Information
  9. Tricks

вторник, 2 июня 2009 г.

News: Loyalty program from DP

Information for your downloads: a couple of days before DepositFiles started a Loyalty Prigram. Now you can have a free Gold key not only for uploaded files as it was before, but also - for the files you download

Information's here, as usual - shortly: you simply press the button to become a member of a program and every downloading of a file bigger than 20 mB brings you so-called D-points. So by downloading 100 such files you'll have Gold for a week

Pay attention - you can share this information in the places you put on your files, so to make your downloads more interested in having your files :) And you yourself can sell this keys and have extra money.  Don't loose your chance!

среда, 27 мая 2009 г.

By the way, some information about new tariffs:

In case if you already have old account and now would like to work with new one - and I think you really will - you can write a message to the administration and ask to change your tariff. As I know, they are doing it easily and with no problems at all.

So, good luck in earning!

понедельник, 18 мая 2009 г.

New bonus-program

Hi to everybody! It's been some time when I wasn't here, but now I have a wonderful news to share :) Take a look at this letter I got at this week-end:

Dear Webmasters!

We are glad to inform you about the start of our NEW special Rate in Bonus Program "SUPER Halileo"!
This is the special rate for countries of Europe, USA, Canada and Australia!

Now we pay:
- $20 per 1000 downloads of your files from USA
- $15 per 1000 downloads from countries: Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia!

The registration on DepositFiles and in Bonus Program is ABSOLUTELY FREE
If you are still not a Bonus-Program's participant - REGISTER NOW
Choose "SUPER Halileo" rate and start earning with Halileo Bonus Program!

If you are already a member of Bonus Program and want to change your rate to special rate "SUPER Halileo" please contact our Support Center with the text "Change my rate to "SUPER Halileo" and also say your Login. We will review your account's statistics and make a decision about the changing of your rate. 

Earn more with Halileo Bonus Program!

Halileo and DepositFiles Team

Pay attention: Russia is no longer in the list, BUT - they prepose wonderful payvment for European countries and the USA. And no matter how big your file is.

It seems to me I'll have lots of money for my beeds now :) summer will be lucky this year, I know!

So, if you want to start earning now - why not to do it as my refferal? :)

среда, 6 мая 2009 г.

Links checker

Made a small spring-holidays from the project, had lots of things to do and no time at all, as usual. So will make something useful up here, as far as as I have such possibility. 

Some time ago Depositfiles made new tool for downloaders - but it can be useful for you too. It's a possibility to check up links before downloading them. You know, it's not very pleasent, when you spend two-three days to download new Windows for example and suddenly found the last piese of arhive is no longer at the site... Or when you deleted some files from account and forgot to delete their links you are giving at forums.

So, to prevent such cases now you can use this page - simply put there a pack of links and you'll see if they are still available for downloading. Take a look - 

четверг, 23 апреля 2009 г.

How to get free gold accounts (for sale)

Suddenly I understood that had not tell you about possibilities of getting Gold account absolutely free :) How could I forget, oh my... So I'm going to redress is here and now.

Every logined user, no matter if he is a member of Bonus-Program or no, for every downloading of his files gets a point at his account.  For a simple user with no bonus-prog, they  count every unique download from the list of their countries - USA, Russia, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium and Canada (files bigger than 5 mB). If you are in Bonus-prog (and you ARE in, if you're reading this, right? :) ) - countries from your type of program will be counted. For example, if you are form India (hope you're my referral :) ) - you'll have points for downloading from USA and India

If you started to earn with Depositfiles for at least a week ago, I'm sure you already have lots of such points :) 

You may ask, what are they for? - good question :) Take a look here. 

For those who are not logged in, here is a printscreen.

What can we see here? :)

Yeah, you're right, - there are keys for gold users here! For two, six and 24 hours. This login is a day old, but there are already three keys up here.  

And would you like to take a look at a really crazy thing? :) It will be at the and of this post, hope you'll like it :)

Now some words about this feature. What is good with this golds - you don't have to use them yourself, they are not strongly linked to your account. You can easily give them to other person - or sell with no problems.  Pay attention: to activate such key one shall put it in the field at the end of this page.

Let's count: for 1000 downloads you have from $3 to $10, plus a key for 2 weeks of gold. Depositfiles sells such account for $12 normally - ok, $5 in the times of crysis will be OK, I think :).  So, with 1000 downloads you can have not $3, but $8 - and not $10, but $15! 

And you really don't have to do anything more to have this extra-money! 

I really think it's a great feature - and I wonder why there are so few persons who know about it. 

And here is a cool printscreen I promiced:

In fact, the list of keys is so long that I can't show it full, my screen is not enough for it :) And pay attention - I did nothing special :) Simply worked and earned. 

Would you like to follow? :)