четверг, 16 апреля 2009 г.


And again shame on me - almost forgot to write here at least something interesting :) 

Ok, let's speak about new possibility of depositfiles for creating Files Set Page. Information about it can be found here , but as usual I'll try to tell you in simple words at least something.

Files set gives you a possibility to group some files and to give not a pack of links, but only one instead. For a people who use Depositfiles only for sharing their files it's quite a useful feature. But we use it for money  earning, agree? So, what's useful for us in this?

With the help of the link for creating a Files Set Page we are able to make multi-upload! Take a look: you create a file set page, put files in it - you don't have to make it "file by file, step by step", not any more! - and after they are at the hosting you can see them at your usual page of files and act with them just like with other ones. 

Think a little and you'll understand how this featire's making the process of earning faster and easier :)

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