среда, 8 апреля 2009 г.

A couple of words: why do I suppose Indian program to be the best one

Just some words at the evening - to make a view it wasn't a useless day :)

At the last post I made a link to the post with rules of Indian program with the name "The best one". If you didn't see - here is a text of this bonus-prog.

So, why is it in my oppinion the best instrument for money-earning?

  1. You have $8 for 100 downloads of your file from the most internet-active and english-speaking countries, no matter how big your file is. It's really great for music, picters, books and files like that, small ones.
  2. You also have $2 for indian downloads - it's not so much, but, well, - I don't know other partner programs with at least such sum. And if you live in India - you'll have no rivals, yes? :)
  3. For every referral from India you'll have 100% of his revenue PLUS to your money! Forever! With no limits for him or her earning! If you're lucky to find really hard-working person you'll have money for doing nothing! It's really great, I have never heard of such programs with other uploading services. Don't know for how long will it last, so - if you are from India, think about being my ref, please! :)

Hope it's enough reasons? :)

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