среда, 15 апреля 2009 г.

What am I paid for?

Shame on me, spend a whole day and now have no time to write something long and really useful - and now have no time to do it.

Promice to do it tomorrow, really :) And now just some info for the people who are asking "Why do I have less money if I have lots of downloads in my profile?"

There is an answer in FAQ - here. But. well, here is a fragment of the text:

In the Files area you can see the general amound of downloaded files. In Bonus Program area you will see those downloads which you will be paid for.

Pay attention, in FAQ they give information for the program that was the only one in half a year ago - now, as you remember, depending on the type of your bonus-program they pay for Europe, India, Latin America and other countries :)

Good luck and good earnings! :)

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