четверг, 23 апреля 2009 г.

How to get free gold accounts (for sale)

Suddenly I understood that had not tell you about possibilities of getting Gold account absolutely free :) How could I forget, oh my... So I'm going to redress is here and now.

Every logined user, no matter if he is a member of Bonus-Program or no, for every downloading of his files gets a point at his account.  For a simple user with no bonus-prog, they  count every unique download from the list of their countries - USA, Russia, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium and Canada (files bigger than 5 mB). If you are in Bonus-prog (and you ARE in, if you're reading this, right? :) ) - countries from your type of program will be counted. For example, if you are form India (hope you're my referral :) ) - you'll have points for downloading from USA and India

If you started to earn with Depositfiles for at least a week ago, I'm sure you already have lots of such points :) 

You may ask, what are they for? - good question :) Take a look here. 

For those who are not logged in, here is a printscreen.

What can we see here? :)

Yeah, you're right, - there are keys for gold users here! For two, six and 24 hours. This login is a day old, but there are already three keys up here.  

And would you like to take a look at a really crazy thing? :) It will be at the and of this post, hope you'll like it :)

Now some words about this feature. What is good with this golds - you don't have to use them yourself, they are not strongly linked to your account. You can easily give them to other person - or sell with no problems.  Pay attention: to activate such key one shall put it in the field at the end of this page.

Let's count: for 1000 downloads you have from $3 to $10, plus a key for 2 weeks of gold. Depositfiles sells such account for $12 normally - ok, $5 in the times of crysis will be OK, I think :).  So, with 1000 downloads you can have not $3, but $8 - and not $10, but $15! 

And you really don't have to do anything more to have this extra-money! 

I really think it's a great feature - and I wonder why there are so few persons who know about it. 

And here is a cool printscreen I promiced:

In fact, the list of keys is so long that I can't show it full, my screen is not enough for it :) And pay attention - I did nothing special :) Simply worked and earned. 

Would you like to follow? :)

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