пятница, 3 апреля 2009 г.

refferals: way of earning with no work

Well, it's not quite "doing-nothing" way, - there are no such works in reality. But this is a variant to work for some time - and to have money long after. 

Again some info: who is a refferal? - it's a person who became a member of bonus-program by following your link or wrote your name in the line "referкal".

What does it means for him? - nothing :) this person will not have less money for the work. What does it mean for you? - you'll have 20% (in usual bonus-prog) and 100% (in indian bonus-prog) of the money he earns. Not from his "salary", but extra ones. Sounds great, yeah? 

In fact, if some of the persons you took to the bonus-program started to earn, you'll have quite a good amound of cash for doing nothing :) 

Of course, first it will be good to give some information for your ref, to share your experience. It's a piece of work that will give really great results after! Pay attention - if you have 100 refs, and only one understands what shall be done - it's worse than if you had 2 good ones.

-- That's why I'm spending lots of time teaching my refs :) --

So - good luck and good refs!

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