вторник, 31 марта 2009 г.

Trick: having several accounts

First spring month is practically over, it's becoming more and more sunny here, and it's a little bit boaring to stay with your computer all day long. So, it's quite a good time to tell you a small secret - how to have more with less time spent.

As you know, all the file-sharing services with a bonus program for money earning have limits for the downloaders. No matter what number of files a person downloads during a day, only the first one will be counted - and you'll have money for it. All the rest, it's a pity, will be useless for you.

But! In Depositfiles they count one download a day for one account! I'll try to explain: if a person downloads a file that was put down from your account - you'll have a hit for it.  And downloading by the same person of another file, from the account of your friend, will also give him a hit. And so on, and so forth... 

Do you understand the trick? You can have two or three accs, one will be your main one, and others - extra, with small files, for example with indian bonus-program. After you put usual proposition, simply make a note - "if this information was useful for you, please download this small file" - it can be a good foto or something thankfull like this. As a result you'll have money for usual downloads plus money for this extra file! Hope you understand why I propose to use indian bonus-prog for this acc? - if no, simply take a look at the rules, they pay fixed sum without measuring of the files size. 

Or, if you prefer to share films divided into lots of parts - can make two parts from the one acc, two parts from another...

Be careful, in fact using different accs for one person is forbidden. But as they say - eleventh commandement sounds like "Don't let them catch you!" 

If this information was useful for you... :)

пятница, 27 марта 2009 г.

small trick: how to find places to put your files

Money earning, especially using internet, is a process with lots of tricks. Some of them you have to understand yourself while working, some can be read in good blogs as mine :)

But there are things that you can find yourself. For example: where shall you put your links to earn as much money as possible? First of all, there are some lists of forums and resources where you can post. But such lists are mostly sold, and it's not very interesting to give money so to earn them back later.

Second variant is to spend a couple of days serfing the web. Ask Google about "forum download free video game music", look through the list it will give, find forums where posting from new members is available... As a result you'll have 30-40 forums a day to start working.

And the third variant is the easiest one. As you (I hope) know, Depositfiles have a list of top-masters, persons who earns thу biggest amound of money a week (you must be registered to see this list at the page). And some of them are using the same nicknames for their account for deposits and for posting. So, what can you do? - simply ask Google about this nick! And as a result you'll have a list of links to the posts of this person.

Not hard, agree? 

This list will be enough for you to start working, I think - and numbers on "earned-today" list will become a good thing-to-follow for you. Start earning real money today! :)

четверг, 26 марта 2009 г.

Some words about other refferal program

Ok, I'm here again and I'm going to tell a little bit more about money making via Internet

Some more words about tariffs, Special Indian and news for European.

As I have already said, the unique thing about this proposition is 100% of money from your indian refferal.

I looked through other bonus programs that are offered now. There is a kind of such things for refferals from USA, Canada, Australlia and Europe - pay attention, if you have people from there who want to earn some extra money - propose them to become your refferal! But in this case you'll have 100% for their earnings for only first month, 50% for the second and 30% for the third - after it your payment will become usual 20%.

Well, even 20% is to 20% more than nothing, agree? and 100% for a month is 80% more than 20% :) But eternal 100% for refferals is much, much better! So - if you are from India, join us and start earning today! If you are from Europe, America or Canada - I'll be also glad to see you in the list of my refferals. In fact no difference where are you from - all the same it will be good to have you between money-makers of depositfiles.

And now I will go and try to find some more people from India :) I like the idea of having bigger payment for the things I'm all the same doing :)

понедельник, 23 марта 2009 г.

News, updates and special programs

It seems to me I wasn't here for a long time, for about two weeks - shame on me :) Will try to change situation and continue telling about possibilities for earning. 

Ok, some words about news in depositfiles.

About a week ago they made a speсial program. I've seen it by accident and don't think you'll be able to find it - if don't live in India. If you do - well, don't you want to be my ref? :) As far as I understood, Depositfiles is now looking at Indian piece of internet and is trying to go there.  The full text of this proposition can be found here.

In short: they offer $2 for 1000 downloads from India, $8 - from USA, Canada and Europe -  Germany, Spain, Great Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium.  

From the first look there is nothing interesting in it, yes? - we have $8 at the same countries if we upload files from 100 mb, maybe without India traffic. Besides, this tariff plan automatically works only for people with indian IP .

So, it seems to be absolutely useless news, yes? 

But! You don't really think I'm wasting my and your time here, do you? :) The tip in this proposition sounds like this: You will get 100% of your Indian referrals’ revenue!

Shall I explain what does it mean? 

It means that every dollar an indian person that came with your link will have - will bring you absolutely similar dollar! No mater what tariff do you have, no matter from what country are you, - if your refferal is from India, you'll have 100% of his or her revenue, automatically! And if usually it's not hard to earn with Depositfiles - now you don't have to do anything at all!

So, the only thing you have to do - is to tell your indian friends about an opportunity of earning money with Depositfiles. As I found, they don't really know a lot about this type of affiliate programs. So, you can be the first to tell about  this way of free earning:)

вторник, 10 марта 2009 г.

Some tricks: spain tariffs

So, I promised to tell about some tricks - how to earn more with less time spent :)

First of all if you don't want to have your money depending on the file length - there is a spetial tarif for spanish users. You can find information aboit it here.

Don't know spanish? me too - but Google translate will easily help :) and even without it you can understand, that the payment for every 1000 downloads will be $5 for the latin countries - AR, BZ, BO, BR, CL, CO, CR, CU, DO, EC, SV, GT, HT, HN, MX, NI, PA, PY, PE, UY, VE, GF, GP, MQ, PR, no matter how big or small your file is, and $8 for the USA!

No matter how big your file is, no matter where you live - all the same you can become a member and work with this "spain" tarifs. 

Well, and if you know spanish and work, study or live somewhere there - or simply know their piece of Internet better than I do - it means you can put your links on their forums and sites: I believe there are not as much links for downloading as in europe or american ones. 

So, if this tarifs are more interesting for you - follow this link and start today!

refferal links

OK, I'm here again and i'm ready to tell you a little about some tricks for earning with Depositfiles. Some words before.

Hope you already became members of the program, if no - you shall go here and start just now :)

Why am I interested in making you to follow this link? Well, it's not a secret. As you see, in the window the place for "referral" is not empty :) 

So, what does it mean? In fact, a very simple thing - that you came to the program with my help.

For me it means, that for every $10 you earn Halileo for Depositfiles will give me $2. Pay attention - not from your sum, not from your pocket, but from the system in general. For you it means you can write me and ask for help, suggestion or something like that. Of course I'm interestred to help, because by increasing your money I'm increasing mines. So we both are with benefits.

Well, you can of course go to Depositfiles yourself and make your own account without refferal links, but - it makes no sense and give no profits. You're not loosing anything, so - if you're not with us, start now!

пятница, 6 марта 2009 г.

Files and places

A couple of words about the process of earning. As I have said  if you are logged in while uploading your files and you are already a member of bonus-prog every unique downloading of file will bring you money. And of course the more people will be interested in your file, the better it will be for you.

So, there are two sides of the problem: interesting files and good places to share it.

As for the first part: most interesting and well-taken are films, music and soft. it's banal, and it works. I'm talking not only about xxx-movies (they are the most popular ones, but as for me i never deal with them - money do not smell, but I have self-esteem not to do some things). Sharing new DVD or usual film also seems to be not quite a good thing, but, ehrm... it's on your choise.

Soft and games can be found legals and shareware ones, - in fact there are lots of people who don't want even to search for a couple of minutes to have what they need, and they would be glad if you prepose something at the place they got accustomed to.

So, the second part of the question is - where to put links to your files?

There are different variants of answer. If you are a web-master... well, in this case think you know how to earn online without my suggestions :)  The best place to put on your files is a site or a forum where you are the main person. It's not very easy to make such place, to give it some popularity so to have traffic of 3000-5000 people a day, - but it's absolutely possible. If you have some topic of your site, if there are people who are really interested in it - sooner or later they will find your resource. If you propose them something related to the topic - they'll take it. 

If you don't have time or inspiration to start with your own site, - you surely can use other big existing resources to post your links. It's not hard to find them - simply put to the google questions like "forum download soft game video depositfiles" - and choose the ones you like. Later i'll tell you where to take such list automatically, but to start working and to understand the principles it's good to make it manually.

As an example you can use the following ones - http://movie-list.com/forum, http://hungry-hackers.com/forum, or the famous http://mechodownload.com. Take a look at how the links and posts are made there and try to do the same. 

Some days later when you taste the process for a while it will be a good time to learn some tricks and special things. To be continued :)

Registration, tariffs and process of work

So let's talk a little about how it all works. First of all you are following the link to register. Well, you really can use service even without registration, absolutely free, but in this variant you won't have any money :) 

Here's the link: http://depositfiles.com/signup.php?ref=benassi1989

You make account on Depositfiles, and to start earning - put information about your Paypal or Webmoney purse. Well, if you already have account but not a member of bonus prog, you can join it at any moment.

In fact, you are ready to start having your money :)

Here are the usual tarifs Halileo's preposing for you::

for 1000 unique downloads:File Size Tariff

  • 1Mb .. 4Mb - $2

  • 5Mb .. 9Mb - $3

  • 10Mb .. 49Mb - $5

  • 50Mb .. 99Mb - $6

  • 100Mb .. 249Mb - $8

  • 250Mb .. 2000Mb - $10

It means that if you have one file of 7 Mb and it was downloaded 1000 times, you'll have 3$ on your purse :)  if your file is 100 Mb heavy, it will bring you 8$. Not very hard to understand, I think.

To have profit people who download your file must be from USA or Russia (it was the neccessary condition not so long ago) or from Europe - Germany, Spain, Great Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium and Canada (they made it not so long ago, maybe in a week). 

So, here's the algorithm for you:

  • follow the link:
  • put on your detailes
  • upload files 
  • share links the system will give.

And that's all! In fact, your online work has started.

Why Depositfiles?

Small chapter about why I choose Depositfiles to work with.

In fact, there are several big filehosters in Web. Will not talk about small ones, they can appear in two days, send you a pack of viruses and dissapear with your money, - I really don't offer even to look at their side (maybe later i'll tell a little bit more about them).

If to talk about big reliable ones, you can talk about Rapidshare, Depositfiles and Megaupload.  So why not to try with Rapida? - the answer is simple. As a payment for the work they can propose only keys to their gold accounts. Of course you can sell them to someone who wants, but as for me - natural exchange was a business-models about 3000 years ago, not now. I prefer to have real money. The same's the situation with Mega, it's practically impossible to have enough points to see money or it will take lots of time. 

And with Depositfiles everything can be done simply, and your money will be in your hands in a really short time. Agency Halileo, who works for Deposits, made really good and working bonus-program for users. You don't have to buy premium or to make some other things, you can simply register and start to earn.

Main principle of work

Ok, here's the way of earning I'm using for a long time. First of all, the global principle of work.

When you want to share your file - video, music, program or something - with other people, you can of course send it by email. And if you both have a good client and fast connection, it can work. But we all know, how long time can it take and how uncomfortable this way of solving your problem is.

To act better you shall think of using spetial filehosting service. It's a place to where you can upload your information, take a link hoster will give you and send it to a person you want to share your file with. So, that guy can download your information at any time he wishes, without problems with mail, icq or other things. 

OK, it's a well-known thing, - but how can we have our money with this thing?

The answer is the following. To encrease number of people who use their service filehosters have special bonus-programs for the uploaders. If you are putting files to the services, if others are downloading your files - you have money for it!

What's the trick? Why shall they pay me for using their service? - the answer's simple. If you want to download neccessary file with better comfort- faster, without waiting or using the multi-downloaders, you can buy "gold" or "premium" status. The more people are downloading files, the bigger number of them will pay for it. In fact, person who uploads information and puts links for it works as an advertiser of the service in general. So no wonder you can earn on it. 

This way of earning is really good both for wembasters and for average users. You can make your own site or forum and put your links there - or you can use other people resources. Everything is happening online, it's a real work in Internet, and it can bring you real money

About this place

Hello, guys! Welcome up here!

Not so long ago one of my friends became a workless because of the global economical. Till now she has no office work. While trying to tell her about possibilities she has to earn - even without special knowlege - I realized there are lots of people who can be interested in this information.

It's much easier to write once then to tell 20 times - so I thought it can be a good idea to make such a blog about tips and tricks of internet-earning.

Becides I hope to learn something more from my guests or to understand something myself, - you know it's really useful to write down and find mistakes in such way. So, I'm here and I'll try to start from today!

P.S. Sorry for my bad English, - it's one of the main reasons i'll try to make this blog, i really need to emprove my knowledge, and when you must speak in it every day, it happens much faster then after a week of sitting and thinking "you shall do it... maybe tomorrow... maybe in a day or two..."  If you see mistakes in my spelling, phrases and so on - please, tell me about it, i'll be thankfull.