пятница, 2 апреля 2010 г.

Information for the newcomers - What's it all about

I can't understand now how to make a post "always on top" - so will simply write it with bigger date to make it first-you'll-see here :) Maybe here there will be the same information as at the beginning - hope you'll excuse for the repeat.

So, this is a blog about earning money. It's the main thing I'm trying to tell up here. 

There are different ways of doing it using Internet. I checked different ones and stopped at the easiest to start and to have your money in hands.  So, - earn with Depositfiles like I do and you'll live long and happy ever after and you'll understand how easy it is.

Why Depositfiles?

  • No money, special knowledgeor equipment is needed to start
  • Good bonus program by Halileo
  • Easy to start
  • Easy to receive money
  • No time limits
  • Your "salary" depends only on how much time you're ready to spend doing it
  • More possibilities for webmasters
  • Different tariffs depending on your style of work
  • Stable firm that will not dissapear with your money or use you for putting troyans in your files

How to start and what to do?

  • Read this blog and I'll tell you a lot of information I have found during long and stable work with Depositfiles :)

So - become a member of  the Halileo' Bonus Program for Depositfiles and start earning money online, here and now :)

понедельник, 1 марта 2010 г.


It seems to me that the number of materials up here is already enough to make a list of content so to make serfing in the blog more comfortable :) 

MMaybe I'll make it in logical order - from the first steps in earning up to the secrets of monsters in this sphere :) 

While writing something new I'll update this list. Stay with us :)

So, here is a list of information you can find in my blog:

  1. About this place. Why am I spending my time writing this blog
  2. Why Depositfiles? The reason to choose this way of earning money
  3. Main principle of work. What shall you do to have money
  4. First steps. Small instruction for a newcomers
  5. Referral link. "Follow the White Rabbit" :)
  6. Howto: some words and instructions of the process
  7. Info about bonus-programs and different tariffs
  8. Information
  9. Tricks