четверг, 23 апреля 2009 г.

How to get free gold accounts (for sale)

Suddenly I understood that had not tell you about possibilities of getting Gold account absolutely free :) How could I forget, oh my... So I'm going to redress is here and now.

Every logined user, no matter if he is a member of Bonus-Program or no, for every downloading of his files gets a point at his account.  For a simple user with no bonus-prog, they  count every unique download from the list of their countries - USA, Russia, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium and Canada (files bigger than 5 mB). If you are in Bonus-prog (and you ARE in, if you're reading this, right? :) ) - countries from your type of program will be counted. For example, if you are form India (hope you're my referral :) ) - you'll have points for downloading from USA and India

If you started to earn with Depositfiles for at least a week ago, I'm sure you already have lots of such points :) 

You may ask, what are they for? - good question :) Take a look here. 

For those who are not logged in, here is a printscreen.

What can we see here? :)

Yeah, you're right, - there are keys for gold users here! For two, six and 24 hours. This login is a day old, but there are already three keys up here.  

And would you like to take a look at a really crazy thing? :) It will be at the and of this post, hope you'll like it :)

Now some words about this feature. What is good with this golds - you don't have to use them yourself, they are not strongly linked to your account. You can easily give them to other person - or sell with no problems.  Pay attention: to activate such key one shall put it in the field at the end of this page.

Let's count: for 1000 downloads you have from $3 to $10, plus a key for 2 weeks of gold. Depositfiles sells such account for $12 normally - ok, $5 in the times of crysis will be OK, I think :).  So, with 1000 downloads you can have not $3, but $8 - and not $10, but $15! 

And you really don't have to do anything more to have this extra-money! 

I really think it's a great feature - and I wonder why there are so few persons who know about it. 

And here is a cool printscreen I promiced:

In fact, the list of keys is so long that I can't show it full, my screen is not enough for it :) And pay attention - I did nothing special :) Simply worked and earned. 

Would you like to follow? :)

четверг, 16 апреля 2009 г.


And again shame on me - almost forgot to write here at least something interesting :) 

Ok, let's speak about new possibility of depositfiles for creating Files Set Page. Information about it can be found here , but as usual I'll try to tell you in simple words at least something.

Files set gives you a possibility to group some files and to give not a pack of links, but only one instead. For a people who use Depositfiles only for sharing their files it's quite a useful feature. But we use it for money  earning, agree? So, what's useful for us in this?

With the help of the link for creating a Files Set Page we are able to make multi-upload! Take a look: you create a file set page, put files in it - you don't have to make it "file by file, step by step", not any more! - and after they are at the hosting you can see them at your usual page of files and act with them just like with other ones. 

Think a little and you'll understand how this featire's making the process of earning faster and easier :)

среда, 15 апреля 2009 г.

What am I paid for?

Shame on me, spend a whole day and now have no time to write something long and really useful - and now have no time to do it.

Promice to do it tomorrow, really :) And now just some info for the people who are asking "Why do I have less money if I have lots of downloads in my profile?"

There is an answer in FAQ - here. But. well, here is a fragment of the text:

In the Files area you can see the general amound of downloaded files. In Bonus Program area you will see those downloads which you will be paid for.

Pay attention, in FAQ they give information for the program that was the only one in half a year ago - now, as you remember, depending on the type of your bonus-program they pay for Europe, India, Latin America and other countries :)

Good luck and good earnings! :)

пятница, 10 апреля 2009 г.

Again about the file limits

Some more words about the file limits for depositfiles. 

What's the biggest amound of files you can download per day while using rapidshare? - Even for a gold users its 2.66 Gb, not more.

And for Depositfiles? - 15 Gb.

Can you feel the difference? :)

четверг, 9 апреля 2009 г.

About time-limits

Some information about "How long my file will live". This information can be found in FAQ of Deposits here, but there are lots of lazy people who never read such documents, and you know,-  I'm one of them :) 

So, what's the time for the files to stay active and alive? If somebody download your file, it will stay alive for 30 days more. So, even if your file will be useful once in a month, it will stay at the service forever!

Becides, if you're a Gold user (it's a pleasant but not really neccessary feature - you can have Gold for your work, for example)  - or a member of a Bonus program - we all are, yes?  - in this case the time of  "life" for your files will be 67 days from the last download. Not bad, I think :) espetially if pay attention that you can use Depositfiles not only for earning money but also for saving neccessary information - music or films, images or programs, documents for your college or system folder of your computer :)  It can be really useful - to have an access to files from any office, college or friends' home.

Well, there is a variant when files can be deleted from your account - if there is illegal content in it and somebody send abuse for it. But hope you'll never deal with child porno or other things like that :( 

Remind me later and i'll tell you some words about the process of uploading files, there are some tricks there :)

среда, 8 апреля 2009 г.

A couple of words: why do I suppose Indian program to be the best one

Just some words at the evening - to make a view it wasn't a useless day :)

At the last post I made a link to the post with rules of Indian program with the name "The best one". If you didn't see - here is a text of this bonus-prog.

So, why is it in my oppinion the best instrument for money-earning?

  1. You have $8 for 100 downloads of your file from the most internet-active and english-speaking countries, no matter how big your file is. It's really great for music, picters, books and files like that, small ones.
  2. You also have $2 for indian downloads - it's not so much, but, well, - I don't know other partner programs with at least such sum. And if you live in India - you'll have no rivals, yes? :)
  3. For every referral from India you'll have 100% of his revenue PLUS to your money! Forever! With no limits for him or her earning! If you're lucky to find really hard-working person you'll have money for doing nothing! It's really great, I have never heard of such programs with other uploading services. Don't know for how long will it last, so - if you are from India, think about being my ref, please! :)

Hope it's enough reasons? :)

понедельник, 6 апреля 2009 г.

Lesson: how to make ref links

Small lesson:

And one more, just in case if you still don't know how to make your refferal links :) Here is mine, for indian program:  http://depositfiles.com/signup.php?ref=Holland_tulip. As you can see, after the adress for the page to sign there is a simple piece "?ref="- and your account name. Not hard to understand, yes? So - you can make your ref links manually, or change others, for example... Of course it's not quite a good thing to do, but, well... Sometimes we are doing such things :)

So, good luck! See you here tomorrow or in a couple of days! 

-- hope it will be helpful or interesting for at least to anybody :) --

пятница, 3 апреля 2009 г.

refferals: way of earning with no work

Well, it's not quite "doing-nothing" way, - there are no such works in reality. But this is a variant to work for some time - and to have money long after. 

Again some info: who is a refferal? - it's a person who became a member of bonus-program by following your link or wrote your name in the line "referкal".

What does it means for him? - nothing :) this person will not have less money for the work. What does it mean for you? - you'll have 20% (in usual bonus-prog) and 100% (in indian bonus-prog) of the money he earns. Not from his "salary", but extra ones. Sounds great, yeah? 

In fact, if some of the persons you took to the bonus-program started to earn, you'll have quite a good amound of cash for doing nothing :) 

Of course, first it will be good to give some information for your ref, to share your experience. It's a piece of work that will give really great results after! Pay attention - if you have 100 refs, and only one understands what shall be done - it's worse than if you had 2 good ones.

-- That's why I'm spending lots of time teaching my refs :) --

So - good luck and good refs!

среда, 1 апреля 2009 г.

Forgot to tell

I looked yestarday into my mail for deposits and saw this letter:

Technical works with upload-engine.

Dear Bonus Program participants!

24.03.2009 because of the replacement of the old server base there was
some difficulties with the upload files to Depositfiles. We apologize
and assure you that we will add soon the new and more convenient
upload-engine on DepositFiles, which will improve the process of
uploading the files to the servers.
Thank you very much for staying with us and hope for your understanding.
As always all our addings directed to make DepositFiles the best
service for our users!

Well, as for me - I was quite lucky so not to feel any unconveniences because of this replacement. And as for the new upload-engine - hope it will be really good thing :) Remind me in a couple of days, I'll tell you some tricks about uploading. Hope it will be interesting for you :)