четверг, 26 марта 2009 г.

Some words about other refferal program

Ok, I'm here again and I'm going to tell a little bit more about money making via Internet

Some more words about tariffs, Special Indian and news for European.

As I have already said, the unique thing about this proposition is 100% of money from your indian refferal.

I looked through other bonus programs that are offered now. There is a kind of such things for refferals from USA, Canada, Australlia and Europe - pay attention, if you have people from there who want to earn some extra money - propose them to become your refferal! But in this case you'll have 100% for their earnings for only first month, 50% for the second and 30% for the third - after it your payment will become usual 20%.

Well, even 20% is to 20% more than nothing, agree? and 100% for a month is 80% more than 20% :) But eternal 100% for refferals is much, much better! So - if you are from India, join us and start earning today! If you are from Europe, America or Canada - I'll be also glad to see you in the list of my refferals. In fact no difference where are you from - all the same it will be good to have you between money-makers of depositfiles.

And now I will go and try to find some more people from India :) I like the idea of having bigger payment for the things I'm all the same doing :)

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