вторник, 31 марта 2009 г.

Trick: having several accounts

First spring month is practically over, it's becoming more and more sunny here, and it's a little bit boaring to stay with your computer all day long. So, it's quite a good time to tell you a small secret - how to have more with less time spent.

As you know, all the file-sharing services with a bonus program for money earning have limits for the downloaders. No matter what number of files a person downloads during a day, only the first one will be counted - and you'll have money for it. All the rest, it's a pity, will be useless for you.

But! In Depositfiles they count one download a day for one account! I'll try to explain: if a person downloads a file that was put down from your account - you'll have a hit for it.  And downloading by the same person of another file, from the account of your friend, will also give him a hit. And so on, and so forth... 

Do you understand the trick? You can have two or three accs, one will be your main one, and others - extra, with small files, for example with indian bonus-program. After you put usual proposition, simply make a note - "if this information was useful for you, please download this small file" - it can be a good foto or something thankfull like this. As a result you'll have money for usual downloads plus money for this extra file! Hope you understand why I propose to use indian bonus-prog for this acc? - if no, simply take a look at the rules, they pay fixed sum without measuring of the files size. 

Or, if you prefer to share films divided into lots of parts - can make two parts from the one acc, two parts from another...

Be careful, in fact using different accs for one person is forbidden. But as they say - eleventh commandement sounds like "Don't let them catch you!" 

If this information was useful for you... :)

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