пятница, 6 марта 2009 г.

Main principle of work

Ok, here's the way of earning I'm using for a long time. First of all, the global principle of work.

When you want to share your file - video, music, program or something - with other people, you can of course send it by email. And if you both have a good client and fast connection, it can work. But we all know, how long time can it take and how uncomfortable this way of solving your problem is.

To act better you shall think of using spetial filehosting service. It's a place to where you can upload your information, take a link hoster will give you and send it to a person you want to share your file with. So, that guy can download your information at any time he wishes, without problems with mail, icq or other things. 

OK, it's a well-known thing, - but how can we have our money with this thing?

The answer is the following. To encrease number of people who use their service filehosters have special bonus-programs for the uploaders. If you are putting files to the services, if others are downloading your files - you have money for it!

What's the trick? Why shall they pay me for using their service? - the answer's simple. If you want to download neccessary file with better comfort- faster, without waiting or using the multi-downloaders, you can buy "gold" or "premium" status. The more people are downloading files, the bigger number of them will pay for it. In fact, person who uploads information and puts links for it works as an advertiser of the service in general. So no wonder you can earn on it. 

This way of earning is really good both for wembasters and for average users. You can make your own site or forum and put your links there - or you can use other people resources. Everything is happening online, it's a real work in Internet, and it can bring you real money

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