вторник, 10 марта 2009 г.

refferal links

OK, I'm here again and i'm ready to tell you a little about some tricks for earning with Depositfiles. Some words before.

Hope you already became members of the program, if no - you shall go here and start just now :)

Why am I interested in making you to follow this link? Well, it's not a secret. As you see, in the window the place for "referral" is not empty :) 

So, what does it mean? In fact, a very simple thing - that you came to the program with my help.

For me it means, that for every $10 you earn Halileo for Depositfiles will give me $2. Pay attention - not from your sum, not from your pocket, but from the system in general. For you it means you can write me and ask for help, suggestion or something like that. Of course I'm interestred to help, because by increasing your money I'm increasing mines. So we both are with benefits.

Well, you can of course go to Depositfiles yourself and make your own account without refferal links, but - it makes no sense and give no profits. You're not loosing anything, so - if you're not with us, start now!

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