пятница, 6 марта 2009 г.

Why Depositfiles?

Small chapter about why I choose Depositfiles to work with.

In fact, there are several big filehosters in Web. Will not talk about small ones, they can appear in two days, send you a pack of viruses and dissapear with your money, - I really don't offer even to look at their side (maybe later i'll tell a little bit more about them).

If to talk about big reliable ones, you can talk about Rapidshare, Depositfiles and Megaupload.  So why not to try with Rapida? - the answer is simple. As a payment for the work they can propose only keys to their gold accounts. Of course you can sell them to someone who wants, but as for me - natural exchange was a business-models about 3000 years ago, not now. I prefer to have real money. The same's the situation with Mega, it's practically impossible to have enough points to see money or it will take lots of time. 

And with Depositfiles everything can be done simply, and your money will be in your hands in a really short time. Agency Halileo, who works for Deposits, made really good and working bonus-program for users. You don't have to buy premium or to make some other things, you can simply register and start to earn.

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