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Files and places

A couple of words about the process of earning. As I have said  if you are logged in while uploading your files and you are already a member of bonus-prog every unique downloading of file will bring you money. And of course the more people will be interested in your file, the better it will be for you.

So, there are two sides of the problem: interesting files and good places to share it.

As for the first part: most interesting and well-taken are films, music and soft. it's banal, and it works. I'm talking not only about xxx-movies (they are the most popular ones, but as for me i never deal with them - money do not smell, but I have self-esteem not to do some things). Sharing new DVD or usual film also seems to be not quite a good thing, but, ehrm... it's on your choise.

Soft and games can be found legals and shareware ones, - in fact there are lots of people who don't want even to search for a couple of minutes to have what they need, and they would be glad if you prepose something at the place they got accustomed to.

So, the second part of the question is - where to put links to your files?

There are different variants of answer. If you are a web-master... well, in this case think you know how to earn online without my suggestions :)  The best place to put on your files is a site or a forum where you are the main person. It's not very easy to make such place, to give it some popularity so to have traffic of 3000-5000 people a day, - but it's absolutely possible. If you have some topic of your site, if there are people who are really interested in it - sooner or later they will find your resource. If you propose them something related to the topic - they'll take it. 

If you don't have time or inspiration to start with your own site, - you surely can use other big existing resources to post your links. It's not hard to find them - simply put to the google questions like "forum download soft game video depositfiles" - and choose the ones you like. Later i'll tell you where to take such list automatically, but to start working and to understand the principles it's good to make it manually.

As an example you can use the following ones - http://movie-list.com/forum, http://hungry-hackers.com/forum, or the famous http://mechodownload.com. Take a look at how the links and posts are made there and try to do the same. 

Some days later when you taste the process for a while it will be a good time to learn some tricks and special things. To be continued :)

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