пятница, 6 марта 2009 г.

About this place

Hello, guys! Welcome up here!

Not so long ago one of my friends became a workless because of the global economical. Till now she has no office work. While trying to tell her about possibilities she has to earn - even without special knowlege - I realized there are lots of people who can be interested in this information.

It's much easier to write once then to tell 20 times - so I thought it can be a good idea to make such a blog about tips and tricks of internet-earning.

Becides I hope to learn something more from my guests or to understand something myself, - you know it's really useful to write down and find mistakes in such way. So, I'm here and I'll try to start from today!

P.S. Sorry for my bad English, - it's one of the main reasons i'll try to make this blog, i really need to emprove my knowledge, and when you must speak in it every day, it happens much faster then after a week of sitting and thinking "you shall do it... maybe tomorrow... maybe in a day or two..."  If you see mistakes in my spelling, phrases and so on - please, tell me about it, i'll be thankfull.

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