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Registration, tariffs and process of work

So let's talk a little about how it all works. First of all you are following the link to register. Well, you really can use service even without registration, absolutely free, but in this variant you won't have any money :) 

Here's the link: http://depositfiles.com/signup.php?ref=benassi1989

You make account on Depositfiles, and to start earning - put information about your Paypal or Webmoney purse. Well, if you already have account but not a member of bonus prog, you can join it at any moment.

In fact, you are ready to start having your money :)

Here are the usual tarifs Halileo's preposing for you::

for 1000 unique downloads:File Size Tariff

  • 1Mb .. 4Mb - $2

  • 5Mb .. 9Mb - $3

  • 10Mb .. 49Mb - $5

  • 50Mb .. 99Mb - $6

  • 100Mb .. 249Mb - $8

  • 250Mb .. 2000Mb - $10

It means that if you have one file of 7 Mb and it was downloaded 1000 times, you'll have 3$ on your purse :)  if your file is 100 Mb heavy, it will bring you 8$. Not very hard to understand, I think.

To have profit people who download your file must be from USA or Russia (it was the neccessary condition not so long ago) or from Europe - Germany, Spain, Great Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium and Canada (they made it not so long ago, maybe in a week). 

So, here's the algorithm for you:

  • follow the link:
  • put on your detailes
  • upload files 
  • share links the system will give.

And that's all! In fact, your online work has started.

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