пятница, 27 марта 2009 г.

small trick: how to find places to put your files

Money earning, especially using internet, is a process with lots of tricks. Some of them you have to understand yourself while working, some can be read in good blogs as mine :)

But there are things that you can find yourself. For example: where shall you put your links to earn as much money as possible? First of all, there are some lists of forums and resources where you can post. But such lists are mostly sold, and it's not very interesting to give money so to earn them back later.

Second variant is to spend a couple of days serfing the web. Ask Google about "forum download free video game music", look through the list it will give, find forums where posting from new members is available... As a result you'll have 30-40 forums a day to start working.

And the third variant is the easiest one. As you (I hope) know, Depositfiles have a list of top-masters, persons who earns thу biggest amound of money a week (you must be registered to see this list at the page). And some of them are using the same nicknames for their account for deposits and for posting. So, what can you do? - simply ask Google about this nick! And as a result you'll have a list of links to the posts of this person.

Not hard, agree? 

This list will be enough for you to start working, I think - and numbers on "earned-today" list will become a good thing-to-follow for you. Start earning real money today! :)

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